About Me

Hi I'm Laura, owner and founder of LauryLee. This shop is a brand new business venture for me and a first business at that too, I'm learning as I go. I'm 26 and grew up down the road from Ottery St. Mary, in a small village called Feniton which I love dearly. We certainly live in an amazing pocket of the UK here!

So how did LauryLee come to happen? Well, after going travelling across Europe for just over a year on my own I was brain storming what I wanted to do when I came back to the UK. Previous to travelling I'd been working as a restaurant manager for a number of years in London, for an amazing boss. I could have continued on this path, and infact was very tempted to do just that, however, I decided it is infact the perfect time to take a leap of faith for myself. And that's exactly what I did. A leap of faith.

It's been HARD work getting the shop to where it is now. I started working on plans for LauryLee months and months before I even opened the shop. I remember sitting in my apartment in Greece for days on end learning about negotiating commercial leases, health and safety laws, HMRC, business taxes...the list goes on. The works been challenging and it hasn't been without obstacles - but that's what I thrive on! I love a challenge and doing something that's my own makes it so worthwhile. 

It's not simply a matter of having an idea and opening up a shop, it's been hours, weeks and months of getting to the point of finding a premises, finding the perfect stock, knowing how I want to brand the shop and finally then OPENING the shop. It's a beautiful thing to do something like this for yourself but the uncertainty of whether it will be worthwhile still keeps me up at night. It's still early days, I'm excited for the future... so watch this space!

Now that the physical store in Devon is going from strength to strength, the next step is to tackle the online market... making sales accross the UK and eventually worldwide. Any ideas on how to get there faster is much appreciated! 

Thanks for reading, if you are in the area be sure to pop in and say hello! I always appreciate the company. If you are viewing this from elsewhere, just know that EVERY customer is highly appreciated and each and every sale DOES make that difference between a good day and a GREAT day.